About Us

An end to distance in cross-border business

The deeper the relationships, the better we serve clients

Trust. It’s the key to unlocking international opportunities because the further your business goes, the less you know.

Working globally means crossing not only geographical borders, but legal, linguistic and cultural borders, too. For clients in an ever-more complex business world, a leap of faith is not enough: they need referrals they trust. Multilaw’s network of independent law firms is bound together by a shared belief: the deeper the relationships between members, the better we serve clients’ needs. It’s a belief that rings true now more than ever.

Strengthened through years of collaboration, the trust that flows between each of our members adds true credibility to every referral we make. So when clients seek out new global opportunities, they do so with confidence.

Over 30 years building trust

$US5bn combined annual revenue

20,000 collaborative cross-border projects

Be a member firm

Every one of us is independent and proud of the local character and insight we bring to the table. It is this on-the-ground knowledge that helps clients take on the world. Carefully chosen and regularly appraised, every Multilaw firm shares a commitment to providing the highest standards of service and advice.


Step 1 Assess.

In-depth due diligence ensures each firm is a leader in its jurisdiction and holds outstanding standards of ethics and professionalism. 

Step 2 Align.

To be confident our values align, Multilaw board members visit each firm to get a real sense of their commitment to helping clients’ businesses cross borders. It is only then that firms are invited to join. 

Step 3 Appraise.

Once onboard, we continually collaborate and provide feedback, carrying out formal appraisals every three years.